A custom-made Pyramid bag

The Pyramid bag has been designed in 2022 as the “ideal’ shoulder bag. Each one is handcrafted in The Netherlands and made of 100% Upcycled leather, making it as sustainable as possible!

Its design is timeless, yet never boring. Perfect in size to carry your daily essentials and more. No slipping off your shoulder and it wears perfectly over puffy coats. 

Loving the idea of a one-of-a-kind customised Pyramid bag? The possibilities are endless. 

Reach out through the information below. 

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A custom Pyramid bag

What does it entail? 

• A highly unique handmade 'Pyramid bag' specifically crafted to your taste and wishes

• You will have the possibility to customise the colour of all parts of the bag (front, back, sides, handle, bottom, inner lining and inner pocket).

• You'll be able to select colours that are not to be found in the collection

• The desired colour or colours will be specially sourced for you 

• The design of the Pyramid bag will be used and as usual contains a Perzia logo

• Dead stock leather will be used to fabricate your custom bag, which is a durable option and also ensures your selected leather to be highly exclusive

• The possibility to add a custom-made symbol or text to your bag

• Comes with a multifunctional Perzia dust bag

• Packed in a recycled cardboard box (FSC-certified)

• The bag is handmade in The Netherlands by Perzia


What material will be used for your custom bag?

• Dead-stock leather is used to craft your Pyramid bag. This is a durable option and makes your bag highly unique.

• There are many choices, from earth tones to fluorescent yellow. Printed or embossed.

All leather is premium quality leather that is sourced from European countries: Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.


A Custom Pyramid bag: € 480,00


• 1-2 colours of choice for the exterior of the bag. From this piece of leather, the front, back, sides, bottom and inner pocket will be cut.

• 1 colour of choice for the inside lining of the bag.


An additional chosen color:
+ € 25,00 - € 50,00 (depending on the price of the leather). The handle, sides, bottom and inner pocket are all replaceable for an additional different color. For each additional customised part of the bag, an extra amount will be added to the price as there are costs associated with each new color of leather that must be purchased.
• A custom-made press stamp with a symbol or text:
+ € 55.00 - € 125.00 (depending on the size of the stamp). The stamp will be used in several ways such as in the bag itself, on the certificate and on the box. The stamp can also be used in the future for another order.

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